Research Firm: Thunderbolt Outselling iPhone at 28% of Polled Verizon Wireless Stores

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This is interesting. Research firm BTIG polled 150 different Verizon Wireless stores in 22 cities and came up with the following statistic: the HTC Thunderbolt is outselling Apple�s iPhone 4 at 28% of the locations polled. (And we�re sure they own a lot more stores than 150.)

We can�t put too much stock into their findings, though, as there are many other different ways to buy phones from Verizon Wireless. 61% of stores polled said that the two phones were neck and neck, while a measley 11 noted that the iPhone 4 was selling faster.

Even with the meager sample size, this is good news for Verizon. They�ve tested the waters and are seeing if there is room for high-end devices from these direct competitors on the same network. If these results are even a tiny bit indicative of what�s really going on then I�d immediately call the HTC Thunderbolt a success. [via BGR]

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