MS to bring Kin Studio-like service to WP7?

Perhaps you do remember that MS�s Kin ONE and Kin TWO were not exactly runaway successes, especially considering the fact that they got killed off after nearly 2 months on the market. Just as a refresher, one of the highlights was the Kin Studio (it let backup and share media that�s stored on the user�s phones), which was officially shut down at the beginning of this year, but in accordance with a new job posting, the Kin Studio may return with WP7. The company mentioned that they are looking for professionals to join their Mobile Studio team which �will redefine the mobile phone for millions of everyday users around the world� and will be �responsible for extending and evolving the functionality of Windows Phone.� At the moment that�s not so hard to to imagine that they would like to bring Kin Studio to Windows Phone 7 as Windows Phone Mobile Studio says, but soon we will see whether this rumor was worth to be believed or not. Stay tuned!

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