iOS 5 coming this fall?

Due to the fact that there were no info leaked on iOS 5 at Apple�s iPad 2 event lately, we got to know about rumor that claim that we would eventually receive a preview of the next iteration of iOS sometime in April. In accordance with a new report from the folks at TechCrunch, we will have to wait till summer to see iOS 5. If two site�s �solid sources� are to be believed, Apple may unveil iOS 5 at Worldwide Developers Conference this June. Despite that fact, it seems to me that it will not actually be released until Autumn together with a new version of the iPad. Additionally, if to believe sources, iOS 5 is planned to be a major overhaul of iOS and is going to sport many cloud-based services, which will include such things like a �music locker� and a location service to find friends and family. Stay tuned to get to know more!

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