Google Introduces New Mobile Feature �Meow Me Now� for Nearby Cat Location

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It�s a pretty common problem: you find yourself in a new area with no idea where to turn for your fix of cuddly wuddly kittens. Thankfully we have Google constantly plugging away at such problems in an effort to make a better world. Where would we be without them? Just go to the Google homepage on your Android or iOS device and search [kittens] or by tapping on the Near Me Now drop-down. Would you look at that, within my range Meow Me Now has located the adorable Pepper, Posh, and Mr. Whiskers.

Obviously, the Google Mobile team didn�t want to be left out of the companies April Fools� Day shenanigans. You must commend the lengths they go to over there for top-notch jokes. How about Pig Latin for Voice Search?

You�ve probably seen Gmail Motion by now, as well, but have you tried searching �Comic Sans� on Google today? Oh, Google. Such jokesters.

[via Google]

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