Opera Mini Back in GetJar�s App Store

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Not that we care because it�s already in the Android market where we prefer to get most of our wares, but GetJar has allowed Opera to republish their �Mini� application in their app store. If you don�t remember, the application was pulled immediately after Opera announced they�d be introducing an app store of their own � GetJar says this violated their agreement.

They reportedly attempted to resolve the matter with Opera but were forced to pull it after numerous unsuccessful tries. We�re really only interested in this story because of the interesting dynamic with competing app stores � is it really that much of an issue? It�s not as if they published their app store application in your app store. Would you deny Amazon�s collection of Android apps at this point?

We understand the issue behind conflicting interests � Google and Apple showed us that they couldn�t really get along with their CEO sitting on the latter�s board of directors � but it�s just an app. [via Electronista]

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