Samsung paid actors for the role of Galaxy Tab buyers.

There is an interesting story Technologizer tells about three persons who pretended to be buyers. They claimed that they want to buy Samsung manufactured Android flavored tablets. But as the story says there were actors paid by Samsung, to take them a part in it�s Samsung�s Galaxy Tab Interview Project. The project was created to show the different types of customers that were buying the manufacturers tablets. There were featured video interviews of Freelance Travel Writer Joan Hess, film director Karl Shefelman and Real-Estate CEO Joseph Kolinski, about Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets. Than came the real information about that people, according to which Shefelman works for a production company that has done work for Samsung, while Hess and Kolinski are actors living in New York. Now you can see how the tablet business becomes competitive so early in its life. And manufacturers promoting its products such the thinnest, the lightest and the most productive, even before consumers know for sure do they need a tablet, or no.

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