Google Nexus Tablet.

The software � that is the first justification for existence of Google�s Nexus line of phones. Talking about the fact that Google delains the Honeycomb source code release, Eldar Murtazin Russian tech analist, as well as some other, suggests that it�s because the Google Nexus Tablet haven�t announced yet. According to Murtazin the Nexus Tablet is planned to be released in mid-summer/fall 2011, with a better polished version of Honeycomb. Also analist claims that the project is way past its initial stages. While Motorola have already launched the XOOM, but it�s software isn�t perfect, is it? In addition it has a poor choice of apps for Android-powered tablets. We�re hoping that the OS might be improved after Google-branded tablet release. Murtazin also suggests that LG is going to be the tablet manufacturer, but how will it grab attention of potential buyers, considering existanse of T-Mobile G-Slate by LG is still a mystery. Stay tunned and we�ll tell you will another Google-branded product make a difference, or will not.

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