Hasbro's My3D to turn iPhones into glorified ViewMasters starting Sunday

It's about time the ViewMaster got an upgrade. What's that? It's not a ViewMaster? Well, you could have fooled us, but either way, the thing's finally going on sale exclusively at Target April 3rd, and everywhere else starting in June. As you might have already heard, Hasbro's intro into the crowded 3D arena, simply titled My3D, does take a card from the old ViewMaster deck, but instead of enlisting cardboard discs, this thing uses your iPhone or iPod touch to bring you 3D entertainment. If your kid's not already hooked on 3D, the $35 viewer could be a decent starter -- then again, for $35 you could take yourself out to a nice lunch, give the rug rat a cardboard box, and call it a day. Full PR after the break.

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