You Can Tweet Your Hotpot Reviews from Android Devices Now

You Can Tweet Your Hotpot Reviews from Android Devices Now
Google is yet again expanding Hotpot and integrating it into more of its products. The recommendations service has made it into Google Maps, Google Search and is already available in the Google Places app for iPhone.
Android users have the simple rating widget, which makes it very easy to rate places with only a couple of actions, and now they can share their opinion with their Twitter followers just as easy.

"You can share valuable recommendations with your Hotpot friends and across Google�s products � in search results, on, and on Place pages," Adam Connors, from the Google Maps for mobile team, writes.

"But we wanted you to be able to share your recommendations even more broadly. So today, you can start sharing your ratings and reviews with your followers on Twitter directly from your Android-powered device," he announced.

With the rating widget, you can easily assign the number of 'starts' the place you're visiting deserves, rate individual aspects like food and service - a feature introduced recently - and also post a short review.

You're probably not going to say much from your mobile devices, but this works out perfectly for tweeting your reviews as well.

By default, the new "Post review to Twitter" option is enabled and it does exactly what you'd expect.

"When rating on the go using our rating widget, just choose to Post review to Twitter and connect your Twitter account. You�ll get a preview of your tweet and will be able to post your ratings and reviews moving forward," Connors explained.

Google is very determined to get Hotpot right. The social, local recommendations and reviews service, embodies the three main areas in which Google is very interested in, local and location services, the social web and mobile. While it may not be getting much of a marketing push, the sheer number of Hotpot related updates makes Google involvement clear.

You Can Tweet Your Hotpot Reviews from Android Devices Now

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