Cheat PB 08032011 Evolution 1.4 WallHack Work

Cheat PB 08032011 Evolution 1.4 WallHack Work
Cheat/Trainer Effect :

[*] Wallhack (Tembus Pandang)
[*] Chams (Warna Character)
[*] Crosshair (pointer target, biasanya untuk AWP/RPG)
[*] No Smoke (Menghilang efek bom asap)

Use Guide :
1.Extract results downloadtan had to flash or the other media
2.Copy File: D3DX9_43.dll to system32 (C: \ WINDOWS \ system32)
3.Open [GC] Evolution 1.4.exe
4.Open it and start PB
5.On Wall Hack Injector click
6.Unplug the flash You
7.Click To Resume Game
8.Before completing the ID and Password Unlock Cheat, press INSERT Choose features that will be used by pressing the Up Arrow or Down Arrow
9.Press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow to activate or deactivate a cheat feature to taste
10.After the settings finished, please enter your ID and Password
11.Login PB .. Furthermore, in Room Do not press anymore WallHack feature is Active
ScreenShot :

Link Download:
Note  :
1.Please in mirroring, Do not forget to include your Creator / author,
2.Possible Virus Detected but this cheat only anti-virus false alarm disablekan you to use this cheat
3.Tested: XP SP3

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